Film Lesson: Dr.Zhivago

The Film "Dr. Zhivago" was about the Revolution of Russia and how the people were under communistic control during this Revolution.

The Russian Revolution was caused by a violent struggle of power between the anti-government and the Czar of Russia. In December 1904 the people of Russia fought for their needed rights which was known as Bloody Sunday. When Dr. Zhivagogot returned home after a long and tiresome stay with the armies of Russia, he got a first hand look at Communism. The government had put many families into his home, because that is the idea of Communism, everyone shares. In the end of the Russian Revolution the Constitutional Democratic Party.

Joseph Stalin and Totalitarianism

Joseph Stalin was born on December 21, 1879. His name was originaly Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, he later changed his name to Stalin which means "Man Of Steel". Joseph Stalin took over the Soviet Union when he was the secretary general of the Communist Party in Russia. Stalin was in charge of the Police during the Cold War. Stalin was always considered a dictator because of the million's of lives taken away when he the leader of Russia.

Totalitarianism is a state that regulates every public and private behavior.

Causes of WW I

On June 28 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne was assassinated by Serbia nationalist Gavrilo Princip while on a formal trip to Sarajevo. Unbeknown at the time, this assassination would be the breaking point between the already tense and nationalistic European countries during this era.
Many countries inside Europe had strong nationilistic feelings, they believed that their country was greater than the next. Countries wanted to prove who was the best, they all wanted to go to war in someway or another. The assisnation of franz Ferdinand gave a reason to Autria-Hungary to go to war with a smaller country(Serbia). Serbia was nationalistic as well, they were upset because of a prior war in which land was lost. The assisnation was not the only cause of the war.

"The Opium Wars"

In the 1830's, the English had become major drug-trafficking criminals. They primarily hit China with the drug Opium. Through merchants the English people smuggled this drug into China to give to all the people, this created a country full of drug-addicts. The Chinese emperor wrote a letter to the queen of England asking her why she was allowing his country to become this way, when frankly she would not tolerate it in her own. The English queen did not respond well, especially after the Chinese choose to block English way ports into their country, this started the Opium wars. In the end the English won, because of their technologically advanced ships and weapons. The Chinese suffered a humiliating defeat and the emperor was forced to sign a treaty legalizing Opium in China.

"The White Man's Burden"

The White Man's Burden" reflects the views in which the white man has duties and responsibilities in his life, relating to the poem, the white man's duty is to convert the Philippines into a civilized democratic place to live which was a difficult task for the white man. The people of this period, especially in the West saw it as poetic representation of the white man's job to enlighten the world. It was his duty to the world to take over other nations and show them the "right" way of rule, as he say it acceptable.

"The Scramble for Africa"

The scramble of Africa is all about the time when different nations and there leaders tried to conquer different countries that where in Africa. In 1400s the Portuguese started to trade at the coastline of Africa. In 1600s the Dutch established trade in the southwestern tip of Africa.

Film Lesson: "Mountains of the Moon"

When Europeans began to explore Africa they faced many challenges. When the Europeans traveled through Africa the natives who were all dark skinned and who had never before seen "white men" were scared and attacked them. The native tribes also did not like the fact that the Europeans were invading there territory. Europeans employed Africans to join them as workers on there expeditions, but soon some of the Africans took there supplies and fled camp, so the European travelers were stranded sometimes without there necessary supplies.

When the discovery of the source of the Nile river was made, the founders were from England, and there queen was named Victoria, so they thought they would honoring her by naming the 3rd largest lake in the world after her.

Europeans were able to take over Africa easily because of there machine guns, the African tribes only had bows and arrows whilst the Europeans had these machine guns that could kill people by the thousands.